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Tired of manually or mentally counting your jumps during training sessions? Wanting to improve your scores, track your progress, and compete with friends? Tally Jump is made for you! Designed by Tori Boggs, multiple time World Jump Rope Champion and Record Holder, Tally Jump provides the best jump rope training experience. 

Tally Jump consists of a small, light device (choice of color shown above) and a smartphone app, allowing you to train using your own jump rope and have real-time feedback on your session. It’s super easy to use as explained below. 

How it works?

As simple as a standard fitness tracker  : place the Tally Jump under shoelaces, start the app and jump!









Small & Light

Use your own rope without even noticing the Tally Jump sensor that is small, light, and easy to place under shoelaces.


Count your jumps for speed, single jumps, double unders, and triple unders with different durations (30 sec, 3 min, custom time, no limit).

Color Feedback

Watch the screen color change from blue, green, or red to provide live feedback about your performance.

Track Sessions

Save all your sessions to follow progressions from week to week.

Long Battery Life

Train multiple times per week with a battery life up to 1 year. Tally Jump comes with 2 spare batteries.

Compete with Friends

View leaderboard scores to compete against added friends, comparing rankings for weeks, months, or overall.

Session Graph

Analyze your session graph to push your performance and improve your scores.

Soundtrack & Metronome

Activate soundtrack & metronome features to help start and keep a rhythm.