Tori Boggs


Thibaut Dusanter

Software Engineer

Tally Jump team : Rémi Floquet
Tally Jump team : Cyril Maraux
Tally Jump team : Thibaut Dusanter
Tally Jump team : Tori Boggs
Tally Jump team : Arnaud Huvelin

Arnaud Huvelin

Mechanical Engineer

Cyrille Maraux

Business Developer

Rémi Floquet

Electronic Engineer

Our Beginnings


After years in the jump rope world, Tori and Cyrille identified a huge problem with no solution. There was no way to count jumps with precision and there was no personal training tool for speed and power. With a concept in mind, Tori and Cyrille started taking action to make it real.

Upon finding Thibaut, a software engineer, they began working on the jump rope algorithm for the first prototypes. After a year of software development and with the work of our iOS expert Mathieu Vandeginste, they found Rémi and Arnaud, seasoned industrialization specialists, who helped with the creation and production of the sensor and start the company. 

Now the team is ready to bring Tally Jump to the world!