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1) Record a video of you achieving your highest 30-second score while using your Tally Jump each week. The videos must show your Tally Jump on your right shoe, you jumping the full speed session, and the score displayed on the phone screen. 

Send this weekly to

2) Make one post (photo or video) on Instagram each week about your speed training with Tally Jump and mention / tag @tallyjump on Instagram

3) The videos are due and posts on Instagram made by 12 Midnight EST on the Wednesday of each week: 

Week 1 Deadline: April 8 by 12 Midnight EST

Week 2 Deadline: April 13 by 12 Midnight EST

Week 3 Deadline: April 22 by 12 Midnight EST

Week 4 Deadline: April 29 by Midnight EST

If you participate for all 4 weeks, you will receive a

limited edition Tally Jump Speed Club shirt

Highest scores receive a special prize!